Is Your Child’s Private School Really a Licensed School?

The ministry of education in Klang Valley has been in the papers these few weeks because of an alarming discovery:  many private schools in Malaysia are not licensed, and those who claim to be may not have a proper license.  Many of these schools are operating under a tuition centres license.  What does this mean?  Many children enroled in a so-called “private school” are not receiving the education they should be.

Sure, there are private schools out there which are licensed.  According to the Ministry, in order for a private school to be licensed (especially when they offer an international curriculum such as IGCSE), they need to have an International School license.


Private Schools are Attractive to Parents for Many Reasons

This could come as a shock for many parents – perhaps you have more than one child, and while one may have gone to a locally ran government school, and one day you decide to send the other to a private school – it’s cheaper than an international school, they offer additional classes, the student-to-teacher ratio is smaller AND let’s not forget the International curriculum which can be very attractive to parents who want their children to expand their horizons.

A word of caution though – make sure the school is licensed rightly.  There are a few different licenses available such as tuition centres, language centres and enrichment centres, but if a school boasts they have a private school license, be aware that there is no such license.  As of right now, all private schools should have an international school license, though there are talks of initiating a few private school license.

Licensing a school is a bid deal – there are many parameters to meet including ensuring the educators have the proper experience, skills and education to do so.  Some private schools may not have proper teachers.  Coming from the team at Toddlytic, this is something we want to pay close attention to because schools, daycare centres, parents and students are what makes our company go around.


What is the Toddlytic Smart Application?

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This is an excellent smart application for schools, daycare centres and parents alike.  For parents, it is a great way to keep tabs on children while they are in school, and for schools, it is a great way to systemise all the processes and operations to keep things running as smooth as possible.

As parents, the team at Toddlytic encourage all parents to be wary of any schools or educational centres out there who claim to be properly licensed.  One simple thing you can do is ask the school for a copy of their licenses.  If you want to go a bit further for your child or children, you can ask the school to enroll in a free trial of the Toddlytic Smart Application which will provide you with a greater peace of mind.

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