Finding the Best School or Daycare Centre for You

Finding the best school or daycare centre for you and your child is something which takes time, patience and a whole lot of research!  As a team of parents and teachers alike, we believe being particular is a necessity when it comes to this topic.  Especially when the news seems to show more and more children being abused or neglected in their schools.  In our opinion, a school or daycare centre is supposed to be a place of education, and safety is meant to be a given!  This is why we compiled a list of things to look out for when enroling your child in a school or daycare centre.


A List To Help You Find the Best School or Daycare Centre

First and foremost, you are going to want to pay attention to a few things the moment you walk in the school or daycare centre (a walkthrough is best because you get a “feel” for the space and environment).


  • What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

Is it high, is it low, is it in the middle?  Especially when enroling your child in a daycare centre, many parents want a low student-to-teacher ratio.  This way their child receives more one-to-one attention from their teacher!

  • What are the disciplinary procedures?

Is the school overly strict?  What are their policies on disruptive behaviour?  Pay attention to this and see if the schools disciplinary procedures are in alignment with your values!

  • How are the Educators?

Are they educated? Quiet? Hands on? Interactive?  Be sure to get a feel for your child’s potential teacher before signing them up for school or daycare!

  • Are the existing students happy?

Usually when a parent does a walkthrough in a school or daycare centre, it is during school or daycare hours.  Be mindful of the state of the students and children at the facility – are they happy, quiet, sad or scared?

  • What do other parents say?

Find as many testimonials as you can on google or FaceBook.  This will also help you make an informed decision!

  • What are the health and wellness procedures?

Does the school or daycare centre do a daily health check?  What does the school do if a child falls ill?  Has the school ever had an epidemic before?

  • How sanitised and clean is the school or daycare centre?

Especially if it is a daycare centre, there are bound to be toys everywhere – this is a good thing!  It means the children are playing and having fun!  But how often are the rooms and toys sanitised?  How often do the children wash their hands?  Is there hand sanitiser present for the staff, teachers and students?

  • What additional services are offered?

Things like transportation, meal plans, daycare and other classes may be something you are after in your school or daycare centre.  Be sure to ask about these!

  • What additional features are offered?

This has always been a big deal for the families at Toddlytic – while many schools and daycare centres offer additional features such as CCTV access, they don’t offer this feature to parents!  This is where Toddlytic comes in and makes a good school or daycare centre, a GREAT school or daycare centre!


The Toddlytic Smart Application for Schools, Daycare Centres and Parents

The Toddlytic Smart Application for schools, daycare centres and parents adds a level of transparency so parents can feel more comfortable while a school or daycare centre shows how things are really run.  Basically, it is a smart application designed specifically for schools and daycare centres whereby everyone benefits (especially the student).  Here are a few of the features:

  • Parent to Teacher private messaging or parent to principal private messaging;
  • Tuition invoices are automated and can be paid by the parents at the touch of a button;
  • Child attendance check;
  • Daily health check;
  • Digital newsletters for parents to view from their phone (no more packing newsletters in backpacks or misplacing them);
  • Digital permission slips for field trips and other special activities (no more last-minute approval AND the permission slips are compiled automatically within the system for easy access);
  • Progress Reports (provide parents with real-time updates on their child’s progress and development);
  • Teachers can send pictures to parents of their child working and playing.


With all this and more, parents will stay up-to-date on how their child is faring in school while feeling at ease with your preschool and daycare centre.  They will be receiving regular updates, they will know what is going on in the school and in their child’s school life all while having a fantastic experience without having to even BE in your preschool or daycare centre.

The Toddlytic phone app was created to give parents peace-of-mind while their child is at school.  Also, if the school permits and has CCTV access, the Toddlytic phone app can tap into that in order to see how their child is doing throughout the day!

If you are interested in checking out the Toddlytic phone application for parents, feel free to visit our link herefill out the form and a Toddlytician will get back to you shortly and help you set up the phone app.  You could also visit the Apple app store hereor the google playstore here and download it directly to your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop and follow the instructions.  It is that easy!

Keep in mind Toddlytic offers a free trial for parents, teachers and daycare centres, all you need to do is click here, fill out the form and a Toddlytician will get right back to you!  Here’s to your successful daycare and/or school!