Keeping Your Kids Safe in Schools with Toddlytic

As parents, we worry about our children often – but not usually after we drop them in school.  As it turns out, parents should be concerned with how teachers, staff and peers treat their kids while at school or daycare centre.  Whereas there are plenty of great schools in and around Malaysia, there are those certain classrooms or schools whereby strict discipline borders on the line of questionable, or even abusive.  This can have detrimental effects on the students attending these schools. Children can be likened to cells.  If a cell is in an environment which is hostile, the cell goes into a “fight or flight” state and shuts down parts of itself which is not needed.  The same goes for humans – if we are in a constant “fight or flight” state, we are not in a nurturing environment which supports growth and productivity. Statistics show children who have been exposed to hostile and abusive environments often display different behaivour than those who are exposed regularly to a nurturing environment.  Some of the behaviours include:

  • show unusual aggression, rages, or tantrums;
  • flinch when touched;
  • have changes in school performance and attendance;
  • withdraw from family, friends, and activities previously enjoyed;
  • have poor self-esteem (eg, describe himself or herself as bad, feel punishment is deserved, be very withdrawn); or
  • have suicidal thoughts or exhibit self-destructive behaviour (eg, self-mutilation, suicide attempt, extreme risk-taking behaviour)
  • hyperactive or unusual behaviour
  • apathy and withdrawn behaviour;
  • failure to thrive;
  • signs of general neglect;
  • wariness of physical contact; or
  • manipulative behaviour to get attention

As parents and teachers ourselves, our team holds this issue very near and dear to our hearts.  This is one of the reasons we created a phone app for schools, daycare centres and parents – to ensure their children stay safe in school, and to provide real-time updates of how your children are doing in school.

The Toddlytic Application for Parents

The Toddlytic phone app is a cloud-based application where parents can check in on their children even while they are in school from the comfort of their phone, tablet, laptop or computer.  In fact, parents can even privately message a child’s teacher while simultaneously receiving updates on academic progress, behavioural reports, and even newsletters, permission slips and special notes all via smart-technology. Some of the features include:

  • Parent to Teacher private messaging or parent to principal private messaging (dependent upon school regulations);
  • Child attendance check;
  • Daily health check;
  • Digital newsletters for parents to view from their phone (no more packing newsletters in backpacks or misplacing them);
  • Digital permission slips for field trips and other special activities (no more last-minute approval AND the permission slips are compiled automatically within the system for easy access);
  • Progress Reports (provide parents with real-time updates on their child’s progress and development);
  • Send pictures to parents of their child working and playing;

The Toddlytic phone app was created to give parents peace-of-mind while their child is at school.  Also, if the school permits and has CCTV access, the Toddlytic phone app can tap into that in order to see how their child is doing throughout the day! If you are interested in checking out the Toddlytic phone application for parents, feel free to visit our link herefill out the form and a Toddlytician will get back to you shortly and help you set up the phone app.  You could also visit the Apple app store hereor the google playstore here and download it directly to your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop and follow the instructions.  It is that easy! Keep in mind Toddlytic offers a free trial for parents, teachers and daycare centres, all you need to do is click here, fill out the form and a Toddlytician will get right back to you!  Here’s to your successful daycare and/or school!