Why Schools Need This Smart Application for Teachers!

We’ve discussed what preschools and daycare centres are missing, how teachers can save time and energy, and even how teachers can manage their classrooms easier, and now we want to highlight why schools need this smart application for teachers!


Teachers are the wheels which makes a school go round – they spend countless hours on lesson plans, cater to the students needs, and even spend one-to-one time with their students when needed.  It only makes sense to keep teachers happy – happy teachers equate to smarter students!  The problem is many teachers spend hours before and after school prepping for classes, manually making reports and grading papers.  If anything could cut that time down, I am sure teachers and educators alike would be extremely grateful and happy…we know we would be, and our team consists of teachers!


Smart Application for Teachers By Teachers

We mentioned above that our team consists of teachers, and this is why the Toddlytic application is so important for teachers and educators alike – because it makes the lives of teachers easier and cuts back time spent on manual activities.


The Toddlytic Application for Teachers is one which features tons of benefits for schools, daycare centres, teacher and staff alike:


  1. The Toddlytic School App streamlines processes for teachers, freeing them up to spend more time with students and less time on manual work and reporting,
  2. The Toddlytic School App streamlines school and daycare centre operations such as invoicing, billing, lesson plans, communications (newsletters, permission slips, and parent-to-teacher communication).
  3. The Toddlytic School App provides parents with immediate updates on their child’s health, attendance, and progress via smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop,


When a school or daycare centres runs like a well-oiled machine – the likes of which affect everything from the staff, the students and even the grades and behaviour of the students – everyone benefits, including teachers, staff, parents and students.


Features of The Toddlytic Application for Teachers


  • Parent to Teacher private messaging or parent to principal private messaging (dependent upon school regulations);
  • Child attendance check;
  • Daily child health check;
  • Digital newsletters for parents to view from their phone (no more packing newsletters in backpacks or misplacing them);
  • Digital permission slips for field trips and other special activities (no more last-minute approval AND the permission slips are compiled automatically within the system for easy access);
  • Progress Reports (provide parents with real-time updates on their child’s progress and development);
  • Send pictures to parents of their child working and playing;
  • Update lesson plans from the comfort of your computer or phone.
  • It is COMPLETELY User-Friendly


If you are interested in checking out the Toddlytic phone application for schools and daycare centres, feel free to visit our link herefill out the form and a Toddlytician will get back to you shortly and help you set up the phone app.  You could also visit the Apple app store hereor the google playstore here and download it directly to your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop and follow the instructions.  It is that easy!


Keep in mind Toddlytic offers a free trial for parents, teachers, schools and daycare centres, all you need to do is click here, fill out the form and a Toddlytician will get right back to you!  Here’s to your successful daycare and/or school!