Teachers Can Spend More Time With Students and Less Time on Paperwork!

Teachers spend way too much time recording attendance, making reports, editing newsletters and printing out papers for students to take home to their parents. Wouldn’t it be nice if teachers could spend more time teaching and interacting with children and less time on paperwork?  Guess what – this dream has become a reality with several schools in Malaysia, more specifically, Kuala Lumpur!

With teaching comes responsibilities:  keeping the children safe is one, ensuring each child develops to their best capacity is another, and monitoring each child’s academic progress.  Naturally, homework will have to be graded and lesson plans must be completed.  But teachers have lives of their own – not only are they charged with stewarding children to rule and run our future, but THEY probably want to make it home in time to enjoy dinner with their family.  We would know – our team comprises of parents and teachers!


Teachers Love the Toddlytic School App

Parents have tested and loved the Toddlytic School Application because of its’ many features and benefits.  Some of them include the following:

Parent to teacher communication is faster and easier than ever!

The Toddlytic phone app for teachers has a built-in function whereby teachers can update their classroom’s parents on what is happening throughout the school day, development/student progress and even reminders for special events… what is even better is if a parent has a question, they can privately message the teacher for clarity


The Toddlytic School Phone App Produces Digitalised Records, Newsletters and Invoicing.

Instead of teachers having to print out books of papers and students going home with a backpack stuffed with papers for their parents, now the information shows up on users phones, laptops or desktops.  In fact, parents can even SIGN important papers such as permission slips and grade cards virtually without needing to send anything back to school with their child.  This minimizes the chance the students accidentally lose their papers!


Teachers spend MORE time with their students and can leave school sooner!

Because everything is automated with the Toddlytic School Phone Application, teachers can spend less time before and after school manually creating reports, attendance records and the like, and can spend more time on their students!


In other words, it digitalises everything for the teachers and school by creating automatic reports for things like attendance, health records, grade reports, invoicing, permission slips and more.  Do you have any idea how much time this saves??  We do!  We are a staff of teachers and parents. =))


It is COMPLETELY User-Friendly

One of the cool things about the Toddlytic School Phone Application is how user-friendly it is.  This isn’t a difficult app to get the hang of – in fact, you can know the ins-and-outs of the Toddlytic Phone App in about 5 minutes.  The interface is completely customisable as is the app, and schools, teachers, and parents have been raving about our phone app for parents and teachers since we launched!



If you are interested in checking out the Toddlytic phone application for parents, feel free to visit our link herefill out the form and a Toddlytician will get back to you shortly and help you set up the phone app.  You could also visit the Apple app store hereor the google playstore here and download it directly to your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop and follow the instructions.  It is that easy!

Keep in mind Toddlytic offers a free trial for parents, teachers and daycare centres, all you need to do is click here, fill out the form and a Toddlytician will get right back to you!  Here’s to your successful future!