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The Toddlytic Phone App Which Makes Schools Safe in Malaysia

We’ve said it before and we will say it again – the Toddlytic team, creators of the Toddlytic phone app, is comprised of parents, teachers and retired school faculty members, and with all the combined years of experience within our office, there are a few things we do not take lightly when finding the right school or daycare centre for your child – the big one being “safety.”

Finding a school within the right budget and in the right location is something many parents search for.  There are also other things to consider such as curriculum, additional classes and services, but in the light of recent news of daycare centres and schools being unsafe for children, a veil was pulled back which revealed the truth:  not all schools and daycare centres are what they appear to be.

A few years ago, news of a 2-year-old being struck repeatedly by a daycare facilitator swept Malaysia after being caught on a hidden video camera.  In 2012, a video from Johor surfaced showing nine babies in a room tightly wrapped in cloth with one baby having tape over their mouth.  These aren’t the only stories though – in 2013 two babies died in a daycare centre after being fed spoilt milk.

While a child’s safety should be common sense to teachers, nannies, school admin and other educational facilitators, this simply isn’t the case in Malaysia.  Aside from the physical, mental and emotional torment a child may suffer, there are many other negative side effects too which can follow them for many years.

Statistics show when children are stressed or scared due to abuse, their academic performance suffers, and rightly so!  If a student doesn’t feel safe in their own classroom, it can be difficult to pay attention in class!  The fight or flight response is so heavy, it makes concentration very difficult.  This is something which is very close to our hearts.  A school should be a place of learning, exploration and discovery – and these things simply don’t happen if a child doesn’t feel safe.

Toddlytic Phone Application – Keeping Your Children Safe

This is where the Toddlytic phone application comes in handy – not only do parents and teachers benefit, but so do the children! You get to keep tabs on your child, their development and even can be provided with health updates and other notifications in real time all from the comfort of your own phone, laptop, desktop or tablet.


What is the Toddlytic Phone Application?

The Toddlytic Phone Application for Parents is one which features tons of benefits for schools, daycare centres, teacher and staff alike:

  1. The Toddlytic Phone App streamlines processes for teachers, freeing them up to spend more time with students and less time on manual work and reporting,
  2. The Toddlytic Phone App streamlines school and daycare centre operations such as invoicing, billing, lesson plans, communications (newsletters, permission slips, and parent-to-teacher communication).
  3. The Toddlytic Phone App provides parents with immediate updates on their child’s health, attendance, and progress via smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

This is an excellent smart application for schools, daycare centres and parents alike.  For parents, it is a great way to keep tabs on children while they are in school, and for schools, it is a great way to systemise all the processes and operations to keep things running as smooth as possible.

As parents, the team at Toddlytic encourage all parents to be wary of any schools or educational centres out there who claim to be properly licensed.  One simple thing you can do is ask the school for a copy of their licenses.  If you want to go a bit further for your child or children, you can ask the school to enroll in a free trial of the Toddlytic Phone Application which will provide you with a greater peace of mind.


If you are interested in checking out the Toddlytic phone application for schools and daycare centres, feel free to visit our link herefill out the form and a Toddlytician will get back to you shortly and help you set up the phone app.  You could also visit the Apple app store hereor the google playstore here and download it directly to your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop and follow the instructions.  It is that easy!

Keep in mind Toddlytic offers a free trial for parents, teachers, schools and daycare centres, all you need to do is click here, fill out the form and a Toddlytician will get right back to you!  Here’s to your successful daycare and/or school!